Why Business Analyst is Important in an Organization

In this blog I will cover why a company should hire Business analyst. In midlevel companies the Owners/CXO are handling the client requirement and client interactions, but there resides the main problem. If the top level managers take over the client interaction they need to involve in full time and need to do all the task done by a Business Analyst, it will surely slow down the growth of organization. A Business analyst should be employed on a full time basis to

  1. Regularly interact with client
  2. Understand the requirement
  3. Preparing adequate document ( I have explained this section in detail in another blog)
  4. Prepare wireframes
  5. Elicitation the requirement to team/team lead
  6. Planning the project
  7. Reporting the issues/blockers to relevant stake holders/client
  8. Testing the system to make sure the client requirements are met.
  9. Facilitation testing for the client
  10. Managing UAT phases

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Here is a pictorial representation of a Business Analyst role in a organization:

A simple animation video to give more clarity on Business analyst role in IT firm

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